Career Transition – Tips To Manage Your Career Change!

Not happy in your current job? Thinking about making a career change? Dynamic lifestyles and an uncertain economy are just two of many reasons to consider a new occupation, or even an entirely different field than the one you’re in now. Trust me; as a career counselor who has helped many people reinvent themselves professionally, I can assure you that you’re not alone!

Can you recommend reading? Maybe something written by one contact will be interesting or informative to another. If so, send a link with the connection information at the same time.

I have met many people who were once strangers to me. They have been very helpful in my what is outplacement support, and I would not have met them if I only networked with people I knew.

One of the nice things about Monster is that you can search jobs using as many as eight different criteria including location, salary, education level, job category, years of experience, and job duration. Whether you are just starting out or are making a mid-outplacement supports, a massive site like Monster is a good place to start.

To be successful in changing career paths, you need to learn to overcome obstacles you will encounter along the way. The obstacles I see time and time again for people wanting to make a career change are: not knowing what to look for in a job (so they take one that is “good enough” that they don’t truly enjoy) and negative beliefs–not believing they can successfully make the change. With practice, you can retrain your mind to see past perceived limitations, which are only a figment of your imagination anyway! With sufficient self-exploration, you will be able to pinpoint the exact qualities of the ideal career for you… and even the characteristics that you don’t want in a career.

Look, the worst time to get up to speed on your tech skills, positive demeanor and networking chops is when you find yourself laid off or about-to-be-laid-off.

As Eric Schmidt said,” no one can really see themselves as the world sees them.” It’s nearly impossible for people to see what greatness they have when self evaluating. You have all of these filters that hinder you from seeing what potential you truly possess. Filters are like the “blinders” of self discovery. Things like past failures, others opinions of you, your opinion of you, self-confidence, and not taking credit for your greatness are some common filters. The right coach will be able to help you look past these filters so you can see the core of your true greatness, what great talents you possess, and how to put this greatness to use.

So, if you are having a particularly bad day on the job search, don’t delay. Get up from your desk, get out of the house and get your mind off things, even if it’s just for an hour…but even for a day! The time you invest in your mental and emotional health will pay off abundantly.

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