Intelsat 9 satellite

PAS 9 (PanAmSat 9) is a Sea Launch consortium's geosynchronous communications spacecraft that was launched by a Zenith-3SL rocket from a floating platform in the equatorial Pacific Ocean near Christmas Island at 22:42 UT. The 2,389 kg spacecraft carries 24 Ku-band and 24 C-band transponders to provide over 160 voice, video, data, and internet channels to North America, the Caribbean, and Europe after parking over 58 deg-W longitude.

Satellite Name: Intelsat 9 (IS 9, PAS 9)
Status: active
Position: 58 W
Norad: 26451
Cospar number: 2000-043A
Operator: Intelsat, Ltd.
Launch date: 2000-07-28
Launch site: Sea Launch (Odyssey)
Launch vehicle: Zenit 3SL
Launch mass (kg): 3659
Dry mass (kg): 2389
Manufacturer: Boeing (Hughes)
Model (bus): HS-601HP
Orbit: GEO
Expected lifetime: 15 yrs.
Call sign: S2647
Beacon(s): 11699H, 117005V, 11702V, 11703V
24 C-band, 24 Ku-band transponders delivering 160 voice, video, data, and Internet channels to Americas, Caribbean, Europe.
  • C-band Americas/Europe Beam (active)
  • Ku-band Brasil Beam (active)
  • Ku-band Mexico Beam (active)
  • Ku-band North America / Europe Beam (active)