Amazonas-1 Satellite - Telecommunications for Latin America

Launched in August 2004, Amazonas-1 provides a full range of telecommunications services to Brazil, North and South America, and a transatlantic link for Europe.

Telecommunications for Latin America

The first Amazonas Latin American satellite was the fifth satellite launched by Hispasat ad the third Eurostar E3000 satellite from Astrium. It operates from geostationary orbit, at the 61° West orbital position over the Amazon basin, and provides both fixed and broadcast communications services through 32 simultaneous operational transponders in Ku-band and 19 simultaneous operational transponders in C-band. The services offered include TV and radio broadcasting and distribution, voice and data corporate networks, telephony, broadband services and Internet access.

The spacecraft’s launch mass was 4,500 kg, its solar array span is 35 metres and the spacecraft power at end of life will be 9.5 kW. Amazonas-1 will be operational for more than 10 years.

Video of Amazonas 1

Satellite Name: Amazonas 1 (Amazonas)
Status: active
Position: 61 W
Norad: 28393
Cospar number: 2004-031A
Operator: Hispasat
Launch date: 2004-08-04
Launch site: Baikonur Cosmodrome
Launch vehicle: Proton M
Launch mass (kg): 4545
Dry mass (kg): 2000
Manufacturer: EADS Astrium
Model (bus): Eurostar-3000S
Orbit: GEO
Expected lifetime: 15 yrs.
Call sign: S2622
36 Ku-band, 27 C-band transponders; North and South American continents; Spanish language; leak detected - may not have enough fuel for 15-year life.

* C-band Americas Beam (active)
* Ku-band Brasil Beam (active)
* Ku-band Europe Beam (active)
* Ku-band North America Beam (active)
* Ku-band South America Beam (active)

Amazonas 1


Int'l Designation


Owner / Sponsor Amazonas (Embratel / Hispasat joint venture)
Mission Telecommunications
Manufacturer / Model Astrium Eurostar 3000S
Launch Mass 4500 kg (9918 lbm)
Dimensions, stowed
Mission Orbit GSO


Design Life
Power (EOL)


Launch Vehicle Model
Date / Time (UTC) Spring 2004


Satellite cost €290 million